17 Best Down Comforters for Every Kind of Sleeper in 2023

Warranty: None

Care: Machine-washable

West Elm’s line of comforters includes four different options, which each offer a different combination of warmth and loft. This down-alternative version is great for hot sleepers—it’s packed with just enough moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating fill to be cozy, but not suffocating. And thanks to its baffle box construction, that fill stays distributed evenly throughout the entire lightweight comforter. The best cooling comforter is still likely one from Snowe, but this one is an excellent alternative.

West Elm blended down, all-season duvet insert

Fill: 70% white down, 30% Tencel lyocell; 650-fill power

Weight options: All-season and extra plush

Warranty: None

Care: Machine-washable

…and this West Elm duvet includes a unique fill made from a combination of down and a soft Tencel fabric, which gets inserted into an organic cotton sateen shell. The result is a fluffy yet breathable comforter with a buttery smooth exterior. Even if you don’t want to use a duvet cover, you’ll get excellent sleep under this one.

Coyuchi wool duvet insert

Fill: 100% wool

Warranty: None

Care: Machine-washable

Another wool option, this Coyuchi duvet is warm, but pleasantly light, and doesn’t really cling to your body like some heavier inserts. Among the several comforters and duvet inserts Coyuchi makes, this one is our clear favorite. It’s a great option for anyone looking for eco-friendly sourcing, and it’s heftier than the Nest Bedding option above if you prefer a weightier topper. It’s nearly twice as expensive though, which is why the Nest comforter is still our top pick. 

Parachute all-season down duvet

Fill: 70% white goose down and 30% feathers; 750-fill power

Weight options: Lightweight and all-season

Warranty: Five years

Care: Machine-washable or dry-cleanable

Like the Riley extra warmth duvet, Parachute’s all-season duvet clocks in at 750 fill power, a plushy pouf! We prefer sleeping under the thicker Riley, but if you want something lighter, the Parachute is the way to go.

Slumbercloud “Cumulus” lighweight comforter

Fill: ClimaDry fiberfill

Warranty: None

Care: Machine-washable

If you want a fluffy down-alternative comforter, but are living on a shoestring budget (like, say, you’re a college student who just needs something cheap to shield your twin XL bed from the A/C) don’t just buy the first thing you see on Amazon. The Slumbercloud Cumulus Comforter is thinner than the one we like from Riley, but still thicker than your average wool blanket. According to the brand, its hypoallergenic, down-like “fiberfill”harnesses NASA-approved temperature regulating technology for hot sleepers. In practice, that means it’s just cozy enough to keep you warm in winter, but you might want to add some fuzzy pajamas to the mix if you’re a particularly cold sleeper.

Tuft & Needle down duvet insert, medium weight

Fill: 100% goose down

Weight options: Light and medium

Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

Care: Machine-washable

Boasting slightly oversized dimensions so it completely fills your duvet cover instead of looking sad and deflated, this Tuft & Needle down duvet insert is a solidly lightweight option for hot sleepers who still want something on the fluffier side. The only rub is that the duvet is quite a noisemaker and tends to rustle around as you toss and turn. Still, if you’re a heavier sleeper, chances are you’ll snooze right through it without hardly noticing. 


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