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I’m a sucker for end of year round ups of any kind. Top posts, most viewed pictures, favorite moments- I love ’em. It made me curious what you guys loved this year, too, so I took a peek. It turned out to be a solid list of items we use all the time (and one that made me reminisce for a minute about the younger years). So here they are, the most loved items from 2022!

It has thrilled me to hear how many of you have started playing this with your family and singing its praises. A card game that travels easily and plays in less than 15 minutes per game makes it a clear winner over traditional Monopoly. This deck lives permanently on our kitchen table because we play it that often. Apparently you do, too!

I was hoping this would make an appearance in favorites because I can’t sing the praises of this simple math game enough. This game, that’s easy to keep in your purse and travel with, singlehandedly made practicing math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) FUN for my kids and they ask to play it. Homeschool, win! There is a junior version, too.

These are the best buck for birthday parties, as a gift, or just to keep in a drawer for a rainy day when the kids need a fun spark of something new. The pens write in invisible ink that is revealed only by the UV light on the back of each pen. Kids LOVE sending secret messages to each other and their friends with these.

These are THE BEST kid swim goggles, and with two kids on swim team, I’ve tried a lot of goggles. These are leakproof and comfortable. A must have for summer fun.

This one tugs on the ‘ol heart strings. Someone gifted this to Hailey when Kaitlyn was born and it remained a top favorite in our house for years. I’m happy to see it’s still being used and loved by toddlers today.

I bought these for Christmas decoration, but still have them in the living room. The level of coziness they bring to the room (without the danger of me lighting the house on fire) is unmatched! As soon as the sun starts to go down, I turn these on and let them flicker and fill the room with their (faux) warmth.

A must have! Accurate, fast, and no touch, meaning you can scan your child’s forehead without fear of waking them from much needed sleep.

This is what I got David for Christmas and I think it’s just the coolest! A nontoxic way to get rid of pesky weeds in the yard, just attach it to a small propane tank and blast those unwanted weeds without poison spray.

Used weekly in our home, this is an AWESOME cookbook full of simple but tasty recipes with a ton of step by step pictures to help build baking confidence in kids. We also love it’s companion book.

YES, yall! I love that this made the list. Did David roll his eyes and laugh at me when I bought this? Yes. Does the entire family now love knowing where to easily find ALL our batteries in a neatly organized way that makes it clear to see when we are running short on a specific battery type? Absolutely. I stand by this purchase.

If you had to choose a stand out purchase or item from 2022, what it be?

I feel like mine would either be the Instant Dutch Oven (read my review here) or these simple couch side tables because I use both all the time!


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