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Something about the way the actor Jonathan Majors gets dressed makes it pretty clear that the actor Jonathan Majors loves getting dressed. As he’s cemented himself as a Hollywood heavy-hitter these last few years, and with sure-to-be-smash projects like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Creed III on the horizon, he’s had plenty of opportunities to get dressed in a major way.

A typical Majors outfit is like a collection of one-of-a-kind curios, each element (a puffy corduroy cap, a patterned carpet coat, or a vintage kerchief tied around the neck) as splendid and special as an heirloom. Hell, the man even wore old-school, waffle-weave long johns, peeking out from a pair of cuffed work jeans, to sit courtside at a Rockets-Hawks game with his Creed co-star Michael B. Jordan. But when he does dip back into the 21st century, he somehow maintains that unplaceable sense of old-timiness, making even a $1,370 military-style Visvim vest look like it was salvaged from a 1940s Navy ship. In his “10 Things” video, he mentions a favorite pair of Gucci sneakers that he first loved because they arrived pre-scuffed. Everything with him has history.

He has his outfit staples: a ceramic handheld vessel. A pair of Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses (JMM…the same initials as one Jonathan Michael Majors). And some sort of eye-catching headwear, be it a cheery newsboy cap or a bright red, rolled-up beanie. (The high-visibility beanie, which Majors, per his GQ “10 Things” video, purchased from a sidewalk stall in Harlem, also serves a practical purpose: “When you’re on your bike in New York City, speeding down the road, trying not to die, I’m your man in the red beanie.”) But aside from the usual players, the Majors method is to surprise and delight. Jeans? Make them patchwork. Baggy trousers? Tuck them into boots for a DIY pantaloon. A hat? Find one that looks like it could have been purchased in any one of the last seven decades.

Even his red-carpet formalwear feels enigmatic, like the slouchy tux-and-trench-coat maneuver he brought to Vanity Fair’s Oscars party last year or the jaunty, navy double-breasted suit he wore to the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania premiere in Sydney this week. And if the past is indeed prologue, the case stands that whenever Jonathan Majors goes to the Sundance Film Festival, he instantly becomes the best-dressed man in Park City, Utah. When he attended the fest a few weeks back, he came prepared with a suitcase full of wild hats, workwear denim, and the least boring outerwear found this side of the Rocky Mountain Range.

We’re due for a deep dive into Majors’s major fits—here are a few of his best:


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