The 9 Best Dry Shampoo Powders to Try

With all the risky ingredients that have been found in spray aerosol dry shampoos lately, it’s no surprise people are seeking alternative options. Due to this, dry shampoo powder has been trending. Not only are the formulas a bit more straightforward, but a powder also allows more precision when applying dry shampoo to dirty stands. Only a few brands are ahead of the trend. Here are the dry shampoo powder products worth trying right now.

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M’Chel Haircare Day After Brush ($58)

This innovative applicator exceeds expectations with its patented brush applicator that delivers powder in a way that won’t promote itchiness or dryness as traditional dry shampoos can. The powder removes oil and leaves hair looking fresh with a boost of volume.


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Frank Body Dry Clean Volume Powder ($20)

If you love a dry shampoo that also bumps up your volume, this powder is for you. The powder soaks up oil and adds grit to make styling super simple. Additionally, the packaging is super convenient to take on the go for when you might need it.


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La Tierra Sagrada Dry Shampoo ($48)

This adaptogen-infused dry shampoo is super luxe as it comes in a jar with a natural brush to use for application. The formula helps absorb oils while the adaptogens, He Shou Wu and Mucuna Pruriens, promote hair health.


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Crown Affair The Dry Shampoo ($36)

The fluffy kabuki brush that comes with this powder makes it super easy to apply exactly where your hair needs it most. Tapioca starch and persimmon powder absorb oil and deodorize the hair for a fresh look and smell. It even features the brand’s signature fragrance of bergamot, yuzu and lemongrass.


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Prose Custom Dry Shampoo ($28)

It’s easy to extend your wash cycle with this translucent powder dry shampoo. The formula nourishes the scalp while refreshing the roots. The standout quality of this product is that Prose will custom-make a batch just for you after you share some information on your hair needs.


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Verb Dry Shampoo Powder ($20)

Give your hair a refresh and a bit of body with this powder. Without the time-consuming process of washing your hair, a few squeezes of this product will re-energize your hair to that first-day wash feel and look.