The 12 Best Leg Warmers To Add To The TikTok Sensation

Plenty of TikTok styles have made their mark, but the cozy girl aesthetic is a lifestyle that’ll never disappear because of its timeless appeal. We’ll gladly don any accessory that makes us feel even more warm and snuggly, like beanies, oversized scarves, and the trending accessory of the moment, leg warmers. With over 228.7 million views on TikTok, #legwarmers have sleuths scouring the internet to add the accessory to their everyday wardrobe. And no, we’re not necessarily talking about the retro ’80s look of styling leg warmers with electric-colored activewear and a headband. In 2023, we’re favoring a mix of the New Academic uniform, balletcore, and the punk rock aesthetic. Olivia Rodrigo’s fashion is a shining example. Kpop girl group TWICE and Blackpink’s breakout star Jennie have also sported the piece for live performances.


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