What’s a Good Hair Day Like for You?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately because the strays at the edge of my forehead no longer do my bidding. No matter what products or tools I use, I just can’t coax them into submission.

Part of me is trying to accept this reality of hair sticking out at odd angles ALL THE FREAKING TIME, but part of me is also like, “We live in modern times! This cannot be the reason why I decide to give up completely!” LOL.

Anyway, a good hair day for me means I’m wearing my hair down, and the following is happening:

  • Aforementioned bits and bobs of stray hair are flat and smooth and going in the direction of my choosing.
  • Some lift at the roots! Love me some root lift.
  • No renegade ramen noodle silvers sticking out at odd angles.
  • Having the long layers in the front curled away from my face (thank goodness for curling irons), so I don’t have to spend the day pushing hair out of my eyes.
  • Strands that feel soft and not crunchy. I can’t deal with crispy hair; I suspect it was because I spent my formative years dousing myself with extra hold hairspray and that trauma has stayed with me.

What’s a good hair day like for you?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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