The Sudden Fashion-Daddy Arrival of Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal is having his splashy leading-man moment. 

The actor is currently starring in the smash debut season of HBO’s dystopian drama The Last Of Us. He’s also just begun promoting the third season of the Disney+ Star Wars spinoff series The Mandalorian. The back-to-back promo has had him chatting it up on talk shows, hosting Saturday Night Live, and sauntering down many a red carpet. Earlier this week, Forbes declared that “we’ve hit peak Pedro Pascal.” But his recent style moves, in particular, have put him all over the internet.

David M. Benett/Getty Images

It began with a trickle, in early February. A sequined Saint Laurent overcoat at the Last Of Us premiere. A deep green three-piece Dzojchen suit on Fallon. A bright purple Valentino blouse for his SNL monologue.

When it came time to pivot to Mandalorian press, Pascal enlisted the help of Julie Ragolia, an established editorial and runway stylist who also occasionally dresses celebrities—cool ones, like LaKeith Stanfield, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Riz Ahmed. Suddenly, the freak floodgates opened: at the Mandalorian season 3 premiere in London, he wore a pair of billowing red Acne Studios trousers and a toffee-brown, open-knit Acne cardigan cropped at the waist, unbuttoned to show off a ribbed gray tank underneath. The next day, he wore a glittering silver foil cardigan from streetwear veteran Angelo Urrutia’s brand 4S Designs over a saucy sheer top from the fashion-editor-favorite New York label Commission. 

Then, at the Mandalorian premiere in LA, he sort of went full-on hunky Golden Girl in head-to-toe Gucci look: a buttery yellow puff-sleeve blouse with a French’s Classic Mustard-toned sweater knotted over his shoulders, with square-framed Andy Wolf glasses and loosey-goosey taupe flares. (Those glasses, along with chunky leather footwear from the French label Adieu, have been a constant.)


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