Here Are 23 Spring Shoes I’m Eyeing From Nordstrom Right Now

Before I became an editor, I held a few fashion-related jobs while studying in NYC. Editorial intern at Who What Wear was one of them, but a shoe associate at Nordstrom was another more time-demanding service. I spent my entire day going through new shipments, helping out customers, and of course—perusing the sale racks for myself. While my days in sales may be over, I still use what I learned from that job in my current role. I think about what specific shoe styles work for different occasions, notice what’s on trend for the current season, and take a closer look at the products to see what’s actually worth spending on. (I was working on commission, so the last thing I wanted was a return.) And as an editor, the last thing I want is for readers to be unhappy with a purchase.

While I wish I could virtually sit with each reader and act as an associate, I did the next best thing. I spent hours sifting through the hundreds of pages on Nordstrom’s site to find the best shoes to shop for spring. As someone who used to organize the shipments, I understand the sheer volume of shoes available can be a tad bit overwhelming. But to make it a little easier, keep scrolling to see the selection I put together below. 


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