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Isn’t there an entire Instagram account with this name? There’s nothing quite like a personal vouching of a product to make me more likely to buy it and I appreciate when others share the items making life easier in some way. So here are mine!

Except for food, though, I really haven’t bought much lately. That’s a good thing in many aspects, but there are some things I should perhaps look into, like some spring clothes and shoes for the whole family, new bathing suits for the kids, and sun blocking hats for the crew, too. We have two sunny trips planned, including a sailing charter in just a month, so I need to get moving on these “warm weather must haves.” If you have any recommendations for where to buy clothes for a tween, let me know. I love Athleta Girl, but beyond that, I’m stumped. Abercrombie Kids maybe?

Anyway, back to the personal recommendations. Here are a few items I have bought in the past month or two that have added to my life in one way or another, and true to my style, I’ll share an overly detailed description of each one and why I love it!

The Genius Square – You know how we love our games around here and this one is apparently taking the country by storm. When my uncle text it to me, I wasted no time ordering it. For ages 6+, this highly rated game is a STEM winner. You can play by yourself or race against an opponent. It’s a ton of fun, different every time, and I highly recommend adding this one to your family collection!

Show Me Your Mumu Bathing Suit – After seeing Molly rock this suit in the sand color, I bought it in the citrus, to which Hailey confirmed I looked a bit like a highlighter. However, the scrunch material and the one shoulder is super flattering and I love the bright color for the summer. It has to make me look tan, too, right?

The Spelling Book I’ve been searching for – I’ve not been great at sticking with spelling for my kids. It’s not something I’ve prioritized and it shows. Determined to find an easy, open and go solution we could stick with, I got this 3rd grade spelling book and this 5th grade spelling book. They are working so well for us! The kids have a page to do each day, using their same spelling words four days in a row, then they have a spelling test on the fifth day. Easy and effective; highly recommend!

Countertop Produce Basket – Isn’t it wonderful when a small change makes a big difference? That’s how I feel about this stacked produce basket. It fits my weekly refills of mandarins and lemons and tomatoes and grapefruit. My bananas hang from the side and it makes everything look a million times more organized and accessible.

Natural Remedies Book & Herb Encyclopedia – I’ve been building my home library and these two gold mines of information have been my latest additions. The natural remedies book is well organized and simple to access for the condition you’re looking for (allergies, headaches, etc) and the herb encyclopedia is chock full of pictures, detailed descriptions, and uses. I’m thrilled to have both of these on my shelf and love that Hailey pulls them down often to thumb through, then cut lavender and mint from the countertop gardens to experiment.

Shrinky Dinks – I bought these on Amazon in the middle of the aisle at Hobby Lobby because they’re about half the price online. The kids have loved these for the longest time and just ran out of them. You color on them with pencil or permanent marker, then bake for three minutes and they shrink into hard little trinkets. The kids have been making them, shrinking them, then gluing them onto handmade greeting cards.

Amylu Chicken Burgers – I’ve been looking for easy ways to increase protein for David and these were on sale at Costco so I gave them a try. They’re excellent! They are fully cooked so you just heat them up for a couple minutes per side, they have 21 g of protein per patty, and a clean ingredient list.

Travel Pour Over Coffee Dripper – Technically David bought this one, but it’s super convenient for travel. Just add a filter, ground beans, and boiling water to make yourself a delicious cup of fresh coffee whether you’re camping, in a hotel, or staying at a friend’s house who doesn’t share your enthusiasm for good coffee.

And that’s it; simple items I purchased that made life better in some way. I’m curious; what have you purchased lately that made some aspect of life easier or brought you joy?


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