23 Best Graduation Gifts for Him in 2023: Home Upgrades, Workwear, and Job Essentials

The best graduation gifts for him—or anyone for that matter—usually tick off these three boxes: They’re well-made or special in some sentimental sort of way, useful to him in whatever phase comes next, and a little bit outside of his budget while still being reasonably within yours. Whether your new grad is out of high school and college-bound, a college student finally entering the professional world, or maybe even wrapping up a later-in-life degree, he deserves the good stuff: a personalizable keepsake, a swanky new ride, the rockstar boots, or some price-y home upgrades that he can use to pad out his first apartment. Here are a couple stylish ways—the best graduation gifts for him—to celebrate his hard work without going so far as to pay off his student loans. Of course, he’d probably appreciate that, too.

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