5 Accessories French Girls Love and 5 They Never Wear

French girls are my best source of information, and I always go to them when I need some fresh insight into the current state of fashion. They just know what’s up. So when my mind started to wander into a state of curiosity about accessories I had to dial-up Laberiane Ponton for a quick chat. I thought to myself, Now, what would the French have to say about the accessories that are really worth investing in right now? and she answered.

No lies were told as she described what the French really think about certain accessories. You’d find many of them in an American’s closet, but the French just get it, so I feel I have to share the report. If you’re still holding onto these items, fear not. I worked with Ponton to come up with chic replacements that will make you never think about the things that you tossed again. Happy shopping!


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