April Amazon Finds – Living in Yellow

If you’ve been here awhile, you know the drill – every month we share what showed up to our doors from our good ole BFF, Amazon. If you’re new, HI WELCOME TO LIVING IN YELLOW 👋 We like to have fun here 🤩 Buckle up, grab a KeyLime Lacroix, and get ready to add to cart; we’ve got quiteeeee a few finds that we think you may want to get your hands on….

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Bodysuit [size up if in between, wearing in medium] // Jeans [size down if in between, wearing in 2] // Sandals [true to size]

Dress [true to size, wearing in small] // White Heels [on sale! true to size] // Jacket [size down if in between, wearing in XS] // Sandals [size up .5]

This dress has been an Amazon best-seller for a year or two now so I finally decided to break down and buy it. I now understand why it’s been so popular for years! Adjustable straps, pockets, the cutest colors, and regular-bra friendly, this one checks off all of the boxes!


SAY CHEESE 😊 Can’t help but smile in this baseball cap! BONUS it’s under $12!

Pullover [Size up if in between, wearing Large] // Green Skort [Size up if in between, wearing Large] // Blue Skort [Size up if in between, wearing Large] // Golf Shoes

Let’s hit the links! It’s almost golf season, which can only mean one thing: new golf outfits! Full disclosure – this is my first year golfing. I’m still learning, so I’ve been playing at pretty casual courses to get the swing of things… see what I did there? 😉 If you’re playing a private course, you might need something a little more formal!

Blouse [true to size, wearing M] // Shorts [true to size, wearing 6] // Sandals [size down if in-between]

I’ve been on the hunt for a casual yet dressy top to wear from time to time and this one did the trick! It fits great and and easily be dressed up or down(which is what I love most about it) The arm holes are perfect, no bra showing here! If you’re in need of a cute top you can wear to work or play, this is it!

Romper [true to size]

Allison here, well my daughter Hannah actually! Hannah is 6’1″ and has a long torso with a 35″ inseam (like her mama;), and really wanted to find a cute romper for Spring Break. We searched high and low, and finally found one that fits her from Amazon! It comes in a ton of different color, the fit is true to size, and it’s a super cute look for a teen!

Crossbody Bag

Ashley, here, with a superb crossbody option for you 🤗 Just being real here but I’m a hardcore bargain shopper. I have a few bags that I’ve spent more on but when I saw this cutie on Amazon I added to my cart expeditiously! The price is right & available in any color of the rainbow, including this rich green tone that I LOVE 😍 You can coordinate with all the Spring/Summer dresses you’ve been waiting to wear #winning Also, three generously sized compartments for all you need!

Set [true to size, wearing L]

If you’re going on vacation soon, may I recommend this adorable set to throw in your suitcase?

Hey LIY Fam! Skye here – I’m loving this cute set for summer vacations! Perfect for a casual dinner out or a day shopping as well! The smocked top is supportive enough that I did not feel like I needed a bra which was nice too!

Lounge Set [true to size or size up for oversized fit]

Heather here! While I don’t think this is the cutest post I’ve ever shared it is one of the comfiest! I have been living in this Amazon set at home and even wearing the sweatshirt out and about. I may have worn it to bed one night and the grocery store the next! I chose to size up one for an oversized cozy fit!

Baby Girl Set // Bow

Warmer weather is on its way and I’m so excited to not have to bundle up my kiddos anymore. This set is perfect for Easter or really anytime this spring/summer!

Allison here! Love this mesh cover up from Amazon! It’s a little short for my 6 foot frame, but I still think it gives me adequate coverage for the pool, lake or beach! It comes in one size, and in a ton of fun colors!

Tank [true to size] // Skirt [size up] // Sneakers [true to size]

Hi LIY 💛 Lisa here again with a Lulu staple I now on and three colors. I pair it with bright fun tops that are top quality from Amazon. This can take you from the Pickle-ball court, to the farmers market, to a target run in complete comfort and style.

Disco Ball Plant Hanger

Jazz up that workspace or a fun area in your home with this fun disco ball plant hanger! I saw her and had to have her! I love this gal, she’s a fun reminder that just because we are clocking those working hours – you can always get up for a little dance party! She honestly just makes me smile every time I glance at her and immediately puts me in a good mood.

Silicone Pen Holder

A lightweight and fun geometric pen holder to collect my pens was something I needed! It’s clean and easy on the eye and the perfect catch-all!

Magnetic Acrylic Calendar

With a 2 year old and a 5 year old, our kitchen usually looks a bit chaotic, including our fridge full of artwork! When I spotted this clear acrylic dry erase calendar I knew it was what I was looking for on our fridge to add a bit of “calm”. It comes with a few markers to use, and I find that the white pops the best against our grey fridge! Some reviews said it wasn’t a strong enough magnet for their fridge, but I’ve had zero problems!

Gym Storage Rack // Adjustable Kettlebell // Yoga Mat

As we’re working on upgrading our home gym setup, we needed a spot to put all the little “stuff.” Gym shoes, small weights, medicine balls, jump ropes, yoga mats, bands, etc. This rolling storage rack has been perfect for keeping it all tucked in one place, and easy to move as needed!

Money Tree // Aloe Plant

“You bought those plants where?!” Yes, that’s right – Amazon! We knew they sold just about everything, and now I can check buying plants from Amazon to the list! The money tree is a great housewarming gift idea as it symbols prosperity and good fortune [personally, I just love the braided trunk], and you can’t beat having an aloe plant on hands for burns!

Shower Filter

We filter the water we drink at my house because…ya know, we don’t actually know what’s in there 🤒 so we thought, “hey we should probably filter the water we are putting ON our bodies too”! This filter is super easy to install, reduces up to 98% of harsh chlorine, and addresses other common water contaminants which can damage skin and hair!

Shower Gel: Fragrance Originale

Friends, if you are a lover of Moroccanoil [specifically, the original fragrance] you must try this shower gel. It not only feels super luxurious and hydrating while using, but it also leaves your body drenched in the best scent.

Tea Tree Oil Balm

Dry skin, Eczema, skin irritations and the list goes on… This time of year at least one of my kiddos has a skin break out of some kind and we’ve tried just about everything! This Tea Tree Balm came highly recommended and it’s over 5,000 ratings sold me! Its definitely helped with skin irritations and the toll this weather has taken on their skin!

In Common Magic Myst 4-IN-1

I’ve seen so many people talking about this hair product so I decided to give it a try! I wouldn’t say it’s made some magical difference to my hair but I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the overall look! It has also helped a ton with the knots and tangles in my daughters as well as making it look shinier/healthier! If you’re looking for a multipurpose hair care product, this is definitely worth giving a try!

Spongelle Travel Size Spongette Body Wash Infused Buffer

LIY – are we ready for a warm up? 💛 Lisa here with a wonderful addition to my shower routine as I prep my winter skin for warmer weather. I have seen these all over IG and decided to give a try – whoa! – this honey scent is refreshing and the sponge gives such a nice exfoliation. Bring on the sunshine! ☀️

La Roche-Posay Moisturizing Body Cream

The reviews are in and this lotion is the most hydrating lotion I have ever tried! It goes on super smooth, it is creamy, and scentless! Can’t wait to see how hydrating it is after some time in the sun for Spring Break!


Run, don’t walk. This game is the most FUN game we’ve ever played with a group of friends! Everybody loved it, we couldn’t stop cheering, high-fives were plentiful, and the money pot grew quickly. We play with quarters and it gets intense fast! This is an awesome gift to give as well as the board is beautifully created and handmade in the USA!

Garden Marker Stakes w/ a Paint Pen

Ohhhh planting season is almost here and I’m so happy with these garden marker stakes I recently snagged! This pack comes with 30 metal stakes and a paint pen so you can write your crops out!

Seed Tray Kit [set of 5]

Calling all seed starters… this is a great set! 5 trays with 15 cells in each! Comes with a dome and tray as well! Last year I used these to start my seeds and they were perfect! I’m itching and see my seed planting days on the horizon and it makes me so happy!

Kids Activity Book [ages 5-6]

My 5 year old loves to do activity books – tracing, matching, puzzles, mazes, etc. They’re especially great while we’re at a restaurant or waiting on swim lessons to start! This activity book was only $5 and is small enough to keep in the back seat to have on hand all the time! So far, he loves it!

Electric Ball Pump

Somehow we can NEVER find the ball pump or needles to pump up the balls in our house… So it was time to make an upgrade! WHOA never thought I would be so impressed with something so simple as a ball pump but I will never use anything else! Easy to travel with and compact, comes with multiple needles, a bag to hold everything AND pumps up the ball on its own! Just set the PSI to the desired setting hit the power button and voila you’re good to go!

Pet Hair Remover Laundry Balls

If you’re a pet owner YOU NEED THESE!! WHOA I was shocked at just how well they worked! We have two dogs and the amount of dog hair on our clothes can be a little much. Just throw your dirty clothes in the wash, throw a handful of these [we did 6] in with them, transfer it all to the dryer when it’s done washing and when it’s all dry you’ll be shocked at just how much it collects! I even threw them in with distressed jeans and none of them got caught or ruined our clothes! The only downfall is that you have to manually pull all of the hair/lint they collect!

Four Sigmatic Focus Blend

Would you guess that I drank decaf before my son was born? Read more about why here. Now, as a workin’ Mom with a baby that doesn’t like to sleep more than a couple hours at a time I find myself refilling the coffee cup a little more than I would like to admit. This focus blend is 100% uncaffeniated and gives a natural energy boost from clean ingredients! I TRULY do feel a difference when I pop this in my yogurt bowl or smoothie!

Stain Treater

From rugs to clothes to shoes, I’ve used this on it all and it works wonders! Honestly if you have little ones around I highly recommend stocking up on this stuff. It works way better than the tide stick in my opinion!

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