Pregnancy Safe Products from Kitsch

Pregnancy Safe Products from Kitsch

Pregnancy safe beauty products can be super difficult and confusing. I have an entire guide devoted to what products are safe to use while pregnant including information on what ingredients to avoid while pregnant and a huge list of pregnancy safe skincare products.

Here you’ll find pregnancy safe products from Kitsch as of 4/12/2023. If it is not safe, I’ll tell you why. All of the products meet my pregnancy safe criteria. Note I will link to every product directly to avoid confusion. You’ll know exactly which product I mean.

Don’t See Your Product? Read This Before You Ask About It…

Please read the Pregnancy Beauty Guide intro first, where you will learn which products you actually need to worry about (spoiler alert, you don’t need to worry about all makeup or hair products). I will not review products that fall into the “don’t worry about it” categories. If you want to ask about a specific product, I require that you follow these guidelines for asking about pregnancy/nursing safety. You can also learn more about how to use these pregnancy safety lists. I will delete questions that don’t follow the guidelines or are rude.

Pregnancy and Nursing Safe Products from Kitsch

Castor Oil Nourishing Shampoo Bar
Charcoal Detoxifying Body Wash Bar
Coconut Deep Repair Conditioning Bar/Mask for Dry Damaged Hair
Pumpkin Spice Latte Body Wash Bar
Purple Toning Solid Conditioner Bar
Purple Toning Solid Shampoo
Rice Water Conditioner Bar for Hair Growth
Rice Water Shampoo Bar for Hair Growth
Shea Butter Nourishing Conditioner Bar
Shea Butter Solid Body Wash
Solid Shave Butter
Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub Bar
Tea Tree + Mint Clarifying Shampoo Bar
Ultra Sensitive Conditioner & Shave Bar Fragrance Free
Ultra Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash Bar Fragrance Free

Not Safe for Pregnancy, Ok for Nursing

• None

Not Safe for Pregnancy or Nursing

• None

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