A Haircut & A Parenting Lesson

I got my haircut yesterday and I hate it. I did want a few inches off; I was thinking about H’s length, a couple inches past my shoulders. That would have still been a good 3 inches off because my hair had gotten really long.

My regular hair stylist, whom I adore, is currently at home snuggling her new baby, so I went to someone new. Looking back now, I blame myself. I should have been more bold. I should have said please opt on the conservative side of the cut, knowing more can be taken off. I should have done anything besides getting wide eyed as she dried my hair then sitting in my car crying my eyes out afterwards.

For someone that doesn’t cry all that often, it feels extremely dramatic and silly to be shedding tears over a haircut. Logically I know it’s just 6″ of hair. It will grow back. And it’s going to take a lot less time to style now. Emotionally, I hate it. I hate the way it looks; I hate the way it feels; I hate the way it makes me feel.

But this experience has gifted me with a dose of perspective. How many times has something been upsetting to one of my kids that I, with adult logic and perspective, felt wasn’t that big of deal? In toddlerhood maybe it’s that we couldn’t find her favorite cup. In childhood maybe the rain washed away the chalk creation she drew. Little things to the world; big things in her world. Have I always met those time with the empathy I should have? Probably not.

Perhaps I was due for a skills refresh and this experience will help guide better guide my parenting responses. Maybe now I’ll be even better at responding the way David, my mom, and friends responded to me. Not with a “it’s hair; you’re being silly,” but with a “ugh, that stinks; I’m so sorry. You look beautiful.” A little compassion and comfort was just what I needed to put on my big girl pants, take a deep breath, find my hair straightener, and google search for Biotin.

Thanks for letting me share a silly story about my hair. Now does anyone know any tricks that truly help hair grow faster? 🤞🏽


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