12 Weird Reasons Why Your Deodorant Might Not Be Working

You Might Need an Acid-Infused Option

Deodorant brands are increasingly adding acids, particular alphahydroxy acids, into their formulas for one specific reason: “When these fruit- and plant-derived acids are added to deodorants, it’s meant to lower the pH balance of the skin, and thus limit odor-producing bacteria from growing,” explains Bay Harbor Islands dermatologist Stacy Chimento, MD. In other words, odor isn’t being masked, it’s being eliminated.

Beauty brand Kosas jumped onto the acid-spiked deo bandwagon with their Chemistry Deodorant ($16), which is also infused with hyaluronic acid, aloe and peptides. “Our end goal was to create a clean deodorant that not only keeps you from smelling, but also treats the skin with nourishing ingredients so it’s smoother, more evenly toned and bump-free,” says founder Sheena Yaitanes. “It’s a completely different approach to deodorant.”

While Dr. Chimento contends that the AHA levels in these types of products are typically low and safe to use, she does flag that if you are someone who is highly sensitive to hydroxy acids, a conversation with your dermatologist or a patch test is the best option.


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