Kosas’ First Sunscreen Is Like a Real-Life Filter

There’s no other product quite like Kosas DreamBeam SPF 40. It’s not necessarily a tinted moisturizer, but it’s certainly not your average SPF. Don’t count on it for a ton of coverage—that’s not its job. However, it’s brilliant at protecting skin from the sun while making it look like the Paris filter is on you at all times.

The Benefits:

Of course, the main benefit of DreamBeam is the mineral SPF protection. However, in true Kosas fashion, it’s also packed with skin-loving ingredients. The formula plumps, smooths, firms and hydrates skin. How many sunscreens can say they’ve been clinically proven to visibly boost moisture by 144 percent? It’s so hydrating you don’t necessarily need to apply a moisturizer before it, but for me, the more hydration, the better, so I double up. The packaging is so cute and compact, making it easy to tote around with you for reapplication. I love the precise design of the applicator—it ensures the fluid doesn’t come out too fast or too watery. 

The peachy pink hue neutralizes zinc oxide’s white cast for a natural-looking complexion with a hint of glow. This is ideal for the beach or long days in the sun when makeup is not quite the right choice, but you want a barrier between you and the world. As a no-makeup makeup gal, I wear this on its own or under a CC cream, but it’s also a silky smooth base for foundation. Not to mention it pairs well with Kosas I.V. Glow.

Wearing nothing but DreamBeam!

Key Ingredients:

Mineral SPF, peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, allantoin

What It’s Free From:

Silicone, common allergens

Bottom Line:

DreamBeam doesn’t feel like sunscreen. It feels like a super lightweight, impressively hydrating moisturizer. While it’s protecting your skin from sun damage, it’s also giving it a natural sun-kissed glow. A must for the summer.

Price/Where to Buy:, $40