Interior Design Patterns, Styled in Rooms I Love

The May theme on Wit & Delight is all about the joy of decorating with pattern at home. I wanted to pull together a list of some of the most popular interior design patterns, styled in spaces I love. 

There’s no shortage of ways to bring pattern into a home. Most patterns fall into one of a few categories, and knowing which type of pattern you want to work with can help guide you in your search. The patterns below are ones I find myself coming back to time and time again.

Here are five popular interior design patterns, styled in rooms I love.

1. Striped Pattern, Featured by Tory Murphy Textiles

A true cabana stripe is my favorite pattern of them all. I love it for its simplicity and big visual impact. When it comes to interior design, you can always create a twist on a classic style by applying a design element on an unexpected scale. I think that’s exactly what is done with the addition of these curtains in this room.

2. Floral Pattern, Featured by Tess Newall Studio

There is no shortage of floral patterns out there—and they’re popular for a reason. What I like about them is that they add both visual texture and a variety of colors to any room. I love that the floral print shown in this playroom has breathing room in between each floral print. It’s such a beautiful backdrop for this room.

3. Botanical Pattern, Featured by Beata Heuman

A botanical pattern is a way to bring plants into the design of a home. These kinds of patterns can feature leaves, flowers, trees, and any other natural elements. This example of a botanical pattern in Beata Heuman’s home is more of a mural than anything else, but it shows that a pattern doesn’t necessarily have to be a step-and-repeat design. A pattern can be featured in small areas of a design element that otherwise feels larger than life.

4. Block Print Pattern, Featured in House & Garden

Black print is another pattern that reads visually as texture. This is my second favorite interior design pattern. What I like about it in this space is that it brings depth to a mostly monotone color scheme. It feels both very peaceful and rich. 

5. Geometric Pattern, Featured by The House on Dolphin St.

I love geometric patterns that reference something you typically see in a historical context. It should then come as no surprise that patterns featured on quilts are some of my favorites. I love the way they bring a touch of relaxed ease to any room. 


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