32 Designer Handbag Deals Fashion Insiders Love To Shop

Walk down the street on any given day during New York Fashion Week, and you’ll find hordes of editors, celebrities, and influencers wearing the most sought-after handbags. Working within the industry means we’re privy to any rising trends at a whim, and there’s no greater slippery road to spending all of your money on a ludicrously capacious (or, teeny!) bag than seeing the latest and greatest on the runways all the time. While it looks like we’re constantly paying full price for the handbag of our dreams, we have a secret—nearly all the time, our editors get their bags second-hand from one of our favorite retailers, Fashionphile.

The online store specializes in designer-grade purses, jewelry, and other goods—often selling at a lower price than in the designer stores themselves. For anyone on the hunt for a rare bag or a vintage find from the mid-2000s, more than likely, what you’re looking for exists.

“Our customers usually embody the ‘kid in a candy store’ behavior, in that they feel so spoiled to see such a wide variety of brands, collections, price ranges, and color options that they don’t limit their purchases to just one or two designers or types of handbags,” Lara Osborn, Vice President of Procurement and Authentication, told Who What Wear.

I can attest it’s certainly true. On a cold winter night, I found a Phoebe-Philo era Celine bag from 2010 for over 40% off the original price more than 13 years ago. I’ve been hooked ever since.

“On any page, you can sort by Best Value, which surfaces items that are up to 90% off the original retail price,” Osborn went on to say. “There are so many fun stories we hear about customers who missed out on buying a bag when it was in stores and are ecstatic to find it (often at a better price) at Fashionphile.”

If price isn’t your problem, perhaps sustainability is. Now more than ever, retailers are increasingly tuned in to the waste fashion creates. While labels certainly have a long way to go in using less harmful practices and textiles, it’s also incredibly important to be a mindful shopper. If buying a bag secondhand eliminates the waste of creating an entirely new one, I’m all about it.

If you’re looking for a deal, look no further. Below, Osborn detailed all the best-selling bags the fashion crowd is trying and buying on Fashionphile.


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