Jayda Cheaves Waydamin Brand Is One To Watch

The clothing brand includes unique, trendy pieces to classic styles of clothing. Waydamin is taking over the internet, and from the look of it, its success isn’t slowing down any time soon; in an interview with Unbothered, Cheaves shares that she had to move to a bigger warehouse space just to house the outgoing shipments, as well as hire more people to meet the insatiable demands of her customer base. What is it about Waydamin that makes it stand out in a saturated market? Cheaves believes its draw is the fact that every single piece in the collection is authentic to her personal style and something that she herself could be caught wearing out and about. “I’m very hands-on with my brand, from the select pieces, fabrics, and textured all the way to the marketing,” she explains. “I make sure to test them out because it’s important to me that whoever buys pieces will not only look good but feel their best.” Cheaves knows her audience — the girls will want whatever it is she has on. 


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