4 Products Anne Hathaway’s Hair Stylist Recommends for Glossy Hair

Anne Hathaway is having a serious fashion and glam moment right now. Hathaway has always beautifully bridged trends with more classic looks, and she just keeps getting better with age. Her signature rich chocolate hair always looks sleek and glossy, and we’ve often found ourselves wondering how she keeps it looking so good. Yes, of course, we know a large part of that is a result of having experts on hand at all times, so we caught up with Hathaway’s colorist, Joel Mowen, to get some first person recommendations.

We got straight to the point and asked Mowen what products Hathaway uses—or he uses on her—to keep her hair looking glossy and healthy. He first points out that “regular deep conditioning and hydrating treatments are very important.” His favorites include Davines Minu Illuminating Replenishing Hair Mask ($40) and Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask ($53) because you can choose the tone depending on your hair needs.

Leave-in conditioner is a must. He dubs Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream ($52) as his favorite. “Lastly, two pumps of Santa Lucia Styling Oil By Rōz ($45) is the finishing touch that helps keep everything nice and hydrated.”

Color-wise consistency is key, says Mowen. “Finding the colorist you connect with will keep your hair healthy. They will get to know you and make sure you achieve your goals in a way that keeps you fresh and shiny like a real movie star.”


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