40 Things These TikTok Shopping Experts Made Me Want to Buy

As a fashion editor, I’m always giving out my own shopping advice and taking recommendations from my WWW colleagues. And while it’s my job to share what’s the best on the market, I too, find myself influenced by certain tastemakers online. I may not give much attention to the TikTok stars with a million followers and beyond, but there’s a specific grouping of people I follow on TikTok that many people trust (including me) for advice on what to add to their cart.

They don’t cater to a certain “perfect” aesthetic as many influencers of the past may have done, making their content more attainable and enjoyable to follow. They also share their shopping recommendations often with a variety of price points and talk through their outfits so you can take style cues too. Lastly,  a lot of them have differing jobs in fashion (or don’t work in fashion at all) and can offer a fresh perspective that what you’d find from most influencers or editors online.

As I’ve followed the below TikTokers online, I’ve come across a lot of product recommendations along the way. From on-sale designer finds to affordable yet great basics at H&M or Mango. Keep scrolling to find your new fashion follows and the shopping gems they’re telling everyone about. 


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