Plus-Size Festival Outfit Ideas That Are Functional

For the final day of the festival, I decided to lean into one of my favorite colors with a full-on tangerine look. The matching set was from Ashley Stewart, a legacy plus-size fashion brand that I’ve noticed adding more fun, on-trend options to its selection lately. While the joggers were comfortable, if I was ordering them again, I’d size up for a flowier fit. I also kept seeing bits of the fringe left behind when I’d get up from the ground. After the third time that happened, I started to fear that these pants might be here for a good time, not a long time, but, at the end of the night, the fringe looked lush and full, so maybe it was just some unavoidable shedding. The coordinating mesh bodysuit fit perfectly and mercifully had snap closures, making navigating the festival port-a-potty situation that much less hellish.


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