Saturday Surfing, June 17, 2023!

A pretty pale purple that’s perfect for summer: Chanel Immortelle 135!

Hello and happy Saturday from me and my freshly painted paws.

You might say that I’m on a nail polish kick right now, LOL! What can I say? Painting nails is fun and kinda therapeutic. Plus, I figure when you can get some extra color in your life, that’s always a good thing. Gotta find joy in all the ways you can.

Today I’m wearing two coats of Chanel Immortelle 135, a light creamy purple in the newly reformulated formula. It’s an opaque pale purple that I think is super cute on short nails.

Seriously, if left unchecked, I’d just hoard all the purple polishes.

What are you up to today? Painting nails? Going out to brunch? Taking a nap? I hope whatever you’re doing lifts you up!

This week’s reading

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Have a great rest of your weekend. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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