How to Sell on Poshmark

Beginner tips for selling on Poshmark

Taking clear images with natural lighting and a neutral backdrop is the number one tip successful Poshmark sellers recommend. This doesn’t just show the beauty of the piece, but allows a user to see the condition the item is in. Olivia Hillier recommends starting off slowly with the clothing hanging in your closet that you don’t wear anymore, and Lindsay Kopp suggests snapping a few additional shots of yourself modeling the clothes, as this is an attention-grabber and helps the shopper visualize the fit of the garment.

How to sell an item fast

Poshmark seller Kaitlin Kao stresses the importance of offering competitive prices. “Research the item you are selling by using the Google Photos app to find the exact style of your item and see how much others are selling (or have sold) it for. Then, price your item with the best price you see to sell quickly,” she tells POPSUGAR, going on to offer words of encouragement about trusting Poshmark’s algorithm. “Many sellers may get discouraged and frustrated that they are not making lots of sales right away; however, it is essential to enjoy the journey and process. It took me a long time to understand that everyone’s success is defined differently.” Hillier adds that re-sharing your listings to followers a few times a day keeps them relevant on the search feature, whereas Kopp harps on making use of the tools — use style tags on your items, add video clips to show movement of the pieces, and send out exclusive deals to likers by offering them the pieces they’ve shown interest in at discounted rates, which helps with engagement.

Posting Poshmark listings on Facebook Marketplace

Poshmark sellers are encouraged to turn on social media to amplify their listings. Users can connect their various accounts — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest — to Poshmark in the settings section. Aside from posting a link to key items you’re hoping to sell on Facebook Marketplace, you can also add a link to your closet in your social media bios. Poshmark also suggests adding popular hashtags such as #MeetthePosher, #PoshPackages, and #ThePoshLife to your posts, as the company is constantly pulling from this collection of content to spotlight its community.

Poshmark parties

Poshmark parties are real-time, virtual, themed shopping events where users can meet up, shop, share, and sell listings. Here, many people also exchange links to closets they’re eyeing or excited about, and it’s a great way to network and get more eye balls on your collection. They take place every day at 9AM, 12PM, 4PM, and 7PM PST. If you click on the “Parties” tab of your app, you can sift through the parties that are coming up so you can prepare your listings ahead of time. For further success, reach out to a party host by messaging them or tagging their username on your listing to politely ask them to consider spotlighting your item as one of the picks showcased to represent the party’s theme.


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