Kate Middleton Wore a Pretty Skirt Trend to Wimbledon

Wimbledon regular Kate Middleton attended her first match of the year yesterday wearing a look we won’t soon forget. As far as sporting events go, Wimbledon is quite fancy, and attendees tend to dress up—Middleton especially, as all eyes are on her (and the players, of course). While there are no wardrobe requirements for spectators, they’re encouraged to dress “smartly.” Middleton nails that request every time.

The outfit I’m referring to is one of my favorite Wimbledon looks from Middleton. She wore one of Balmain’s cult-favorite fitted blazers with one of the year’s prettiest skirt trends: a pleated midi skirt. She opted for a white skirt to complement the accents on the blazer. She finished the look with a pair of white pumps.

Pleated midi skirts are incredibly easy to wear, and you can easily find them at accessible brands like J.Crew and Zara. They may be somewhat trendy right now, but they also tend to be a pretty timeless item, so it’s a trend I fully endorse alongside Middleton. 


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