September Weekly Meal Plan #2

How was your weekend? My goodness we’ve been busy with house stuff. Between the pantry refresh, then getting a new fridge this weekend, and having someone come next week to measure for new kitchen cabinets, it feels a little chaotic on the home from. But let’s back up for a minute and catch up…

On Thursday David and I had a long overdue date night. We went to 131 Main, which is such a solid date spot. It’s consistent, the food is good, and the atmosphere is nice without being stuffy; very conducive to date night chatter. I had the seared tuna salad and it was excellent.

On Friday the girls and I grocery shopped and did chores around the house. We made pizza and played Dominion (K kicked our booties). On Saturday we bought a fridge of Facebook marketplace. We had been looking for a counter-depth and found a 3 week old GE Profile Counter Depth fridge at over 50% off. Someone had bought it for their new house but it wasn’t big enough for their family and they wanted it gone. A win for us!

Picking up a new fridge sounds easy enough but that thing was HEAVY. With some creative engineering by David and some muscle help from a couple neighbors, we got the new one in the kitchen and the old one in the garage. It took way longer than expected, but it felt so good to have it done! We celebrated by relaxing and watching college football.

Sunday was fairly typical- church, chores, exercise, showers, and dinner as we gear up for a busy week ahead. We are back into full swing with all activities and sports; we are thrilled about it!


Not your typical Labor Day fare, but I was so worn out by the pantry organization, I pulled enchiladas from the freezer and heated up leftover chili. Makes me want to spend a day cooking to stock the freezer because it was so good and so easy.


I went with some kid favorites this week and it’s so nice to hear them say YAY! when I tell them what’s for dinner. Marinated chicken and egg noodles with easy green beans.


Post soccer success. David took the kids to soccer and I couldn’t wait to eat so I ate chips and hummus and leftover green beans, then served them grilled burgers and roasted sweet potatoes when they came in the door sweaty and hungry!


This was date night for David and me, but I made spaghetti for the kids and served them in my new favorite bowls with oranges on the side.


Nothing new here… bread machine pizza dough (2 batches) topped with red sauce, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and pepperoni.


I feel like I need a prettier picture, but this vegetable beef soup makes the house smell so good and is a simple, hearty meal. I served it with these bread machine dinner rolls that the whole fam really liked.


This dinner hit the spot. Gosh was it good. I baked potatoes (rubbed in olive oil, sprinkled with salt, 400 degrees for 60 minutes), roasted cabbage and broccoli, and sliced the most perfect tomato ever that a friend dropped off. David grilled sirloin steaks and altogether it was just flat out delicious!



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