Sweater Trends Come and Go But Fitted Sweaters are Forever

We currently live in a world of chunky sweaters, chunky lug soles, and chunky jewelry. The era of oversized clothing has transformed into the era of chunky clothing. While I’ve loved this trend for quite some time, as minimalism reclaims its place at the forefront of our industry, it’s made me begin to step away from the “chunky” clothing items that everyone went crazy over not so long ago. The first item on my chopping block is, truly, the chunky sweater.

Seriously, I’m over it. Instead, I’ve been opting for the minimalist J.Crew-style fitted cardigans that feel so elevated to me. This is a win for my wardrobe because of how much space chunky sweaters took up. Luckily for me, there will be no more of that. Below, find the 29 fitted sweaters I’d buy first.


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